The Oysters of San Vicente de la Barquera 

Sweet and salty waters, excellent waters that preserve their natural properties for thousands of years in a privileged area, which provides the oyster of San Vicente with the necessary nutrients and microorganisms so that its flavor and texture are considered throughout the world.


Much of the production of oysters originated in San Vicente de la Barquera is exported to France, considered the elite of the market for this delicacy. The reason: the quality of it and the care with which they are raised in a magnificent park and using innovative techniques

The unmistakable aroma of the environment to which it belongs, evokes the memories of our most intimate relationship with the sea.

Óscar and his team have been able to develop a deep knowledge about this product, elevating the elaborations to a new level. Amazing dishes with subtle contrasts that leave memories that are hard to forget.

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