Annua Team 

Calleja has managed to gather around him a group of young professionals who share with him the vision of the kitchen as a beautiful art. The restoration as a means to take your clients to a unique experience and that this is printed in your memory.

Illusion and talent to take on the challenge of remaining in the memory of those who have decided to live the Annua experience.

In the same way that an orchestra conductor prepares his musicians to interpret the same piece day after day, but knowing that the audience must be moved, the team of Óscar Calleja becomes a complex precision tuned machine.


Elsa Gutiérrez, as Head of the Chamber as well as Sommelier, and Aitor Fernández, as Chef of the Annua Gastro Group are the pillars of this team that works with the sole purpose of reaching the depths of its audience and delivering something sublime.

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